From inside my Nairobi hospital room

Well, one thing I love about Africa…plans are best held loosely.

My Saturday was “rescheduled” by the painful visit of a kidney stone.  I was admitted into a Nairobi hospital (Saturday evening), but I am feeling much better today (Monday morning).  It is an experience like this one where we learn to value the many good things we have in life and how easily those things can be taken for granted.

If all goes as I hope (I’ll not use the word “plan” here) this morning, my blood test will come back normal and I’ll be on my way to catch up with my study cohort at the African International University.

If you are following our itinerary and prayer calendar, you’ll want to note that Madi did not fly north to Turkana on Sunday as we had scheduled.  Since at that time my immediate future was a bit unsure, Madi elected to stay in Nairobi.  She is now scheduled to fly to Turkana on Wednesday morning.

While I’m disappointed I missed a visit to the Methare slum with my study cohort (I’ve been in the slum before, but I was looking forward to experiencing that with my friends), I’m grateful for the things God allowed me to see during this “side trip” to the hospital.  I have new images burned in my mind today of suffering and hardship, and also the reminder of how very blessed I am.  But more than this, I am called to use my wealth and blessings in order to bless others.

A very interesting thing…

As many of you know I am here, in part, to look for opportunities to partner with ministries in a program that I am developing for college students.  My dream is to see college students from the USA connect closely with, and champion, children living in poverty around the world.  It’s a long story, but as (divinely orchestrated) fate would have it, three directors of a children’s educational ministry were seated by my bedside for several hours on Saturday.  I was blown away by their concern for me, and the way they supported and encouraged me.  They’ll actually be speaking to my study group this afternoon, so this is why I am hoping that I will be released so that I may hear their words and to thank them for their generosity and kindness.

God is good.  He does indeed have a way of directing and re-directing our paths in order that we might bring about His good purposes on this earth.  And His purposes are for justice and mercy to prevail.  I was reminded of that again this morning as I read the book of Habakkuk:

Look around at the nations; look and be amazed!  For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.

May justice reign.

I leave you with images of hope–justice in the waiting–the work of God in our own day simply waiting for our response.  Images from the slum of Nairobi taken Saturday by my study group.

May justice reign, by God’s power through our actions, in Methare, and in all the earth!

From Micheal Hearn:


From Andy Campbell:


One thought on “From inside my Nairobi hospital room

  1. Have been praying for you & Madi. Yes, God does orchestrate events in our lives for our good & His purposes. Will continue to pray. May rhe heart of God for those in poverty reach into many hearts for His will!

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